A good bad romance! pt.8

Warning:This quiz is full of romance! You must be 10 or older to read these! You must also love romance to read this. If you hate romance then GET OUT!

This quiz is for the lonely or the couples only. If you have not read the first seven parts then don't read this. This is filled with spoilers! It's a love story between two 13 year olds. One is a nerd and one is a Christian. If you are gothic then get out to!

Created by: Story teen girl

  1. Then Mary fell asleep. Brian got a brush and started to brush her hair. Then Matthew and Michelle came in there. Then they both wispered,"You really love her,don't you?"
  2. Brian nodded his head yes. Then Rose,Alex and Roy came in his room. Then Brian said,"Mary it's time to wake up honey." Then kissed her cheek. Then she woke up and went to Rose.
  3. Then Alex and Roy went to Brian. Rose said,"So how is your relationship?" Mary said,"It's going good. How is you and Mack?" Rose was shocked. She said,"Good. How did you know that?"
  4. Mary said,"My brother told me." Rose nodded her head. She soon got her phone and texted to Mack:Your a jerk! We're breaking up! Then she texted save. Then Mary said,"Did you know Mack only likes you because your popular?"
  5. Then Rose approached Alex and asked,"Do you like me? More then a friend way." Alex said,"Yes." So Rose clicked send on the text. Then Mary took her phone and texted her other BFF,Ruth. Soon she came. They started to talk,all three of them. Then Ruth asked Brian's other best friend out. Roy said,"Yes."
  6. Then they all watched a movie. Rose and Alex hold each other, Roy and Ruth held hands. During Brian and Mary were hugging. Then Mary looked deep in his eyes,so did he in Mary's
  7. Then the movie was over. Roy and Ruth switched numbers. So did Rose and Alex. Then they all left. Michelle baked cupcakes with Mary. Michelle said to her,"Life is like a chance,you have to take the choice of Heaven through Jesus or the choice of Hell through no eturnity."
  8. Then they stired the batter of the cupcake. Then Mary asked,"Where am I going to sleep tonight?" Michelle thought for two minutes. Then she put the timer on and put the cupcakes in.
  9. Then she said,"With Brian in his bed or the bed in the couch." Mary said,"The couch bed." Then the cupcakes were done. Michelle got them out and put a toothpick in them.
  10. Then Mary noticed her nails. They were bright pink and hot pink. She said,"I like your nails." She said,"Thank you. Do you want me to paint yours?" Mary nodded her head yes.
  11. Cliff-hanger!

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