A good bad romance! pt.6

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Hello,this is part six of this story. Here are the rest of them:A bad good romance! pt.1, It's like that except for part five. Part 5 is A bad good romance! pt.5. Oops!

♪I found myself dreaming. It's over and done. It's part of a movie that every broken heart knows! We were walking on moonlight...♪ Comment the title of the song!

Created by: Story teen girl

  1. Then Mary looked back and was shocked. She said,"Have you been through the whole thing?" They said,"Yes we have,and we think that y'all should be grounded for three days."
  2. Then Gloria grabbed Mary and pulled her off Brian. Then Gloria carried her to home. Once they got home Gloria threw her on the couch. She said,"Your not in love! Y'all are going to break up in the future!" Then she grew a little taller.
  3. Then Ramen came home. He then saw a thought come by. The thought is that Mary was falling of a hill into a deep hole. Back in the room Gloria started to grow a red tail.
  4. Gloria then grew claws. Then her clothes were ripping off as she was growing taller and taller. Then her eyes were red. Her head grew horns and then her skin grew red. Soon Mary said,"Mom are you OK? I mean you look like that you are a demon."
  5. Then Gloria grabbed her leg. She said,"Your coming with me to Hell." Mary said,"No I'm not!" Soon Ramen heard everything. Soon he ran to Mary. He said,"I bless this house in the name of God and the son!"
  6. Soon Brian came. He heard everything. He ran to Mary. He backed Ramen. He said,"In the name of the Lord I command you to go back to Hell!" Soon Gloria fell on the floor. She was screaming and was steaming. Then Brian grabbed Mary and ran.
  7. Ramen ran and opened the door. Brian ran home and put her on the couch. Mary was passed out. Then she woke up and asked,"Wheres mom? She was grabbing me. I remember everything except for coming back here."
  8. So Brian told her about carrying her. Then she said,"What am I going to do? Thank you for saving me and backing up my father." Then Michelle,Brian's mom,said,"Your staying here until we know when your real mom comes out of that demon."
  9. Mary said,"Thank you." Then Matthew,the dad, said,"Supper will be done in six minutes." So Brian said,"Are you hungry? My dad is a good cook,unless it's fish."
  10. She said,"Yes thank you." Brian looked at her face. She then smiled and said,"So,what do you do for fun?" He said,"I read." So Mary grabbed her pocket Bible out of her bra and said,"Let's read this!" So they did.
  11. Yep a cliff-hanger!

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