The Time Traveling Heroes Part 1

This story has romance, excitement, adventure, and a bloodthirsty vampire. You can't have a good story, without a vampire.

Which boy will be yours? Will the suspense between all of you cause a fight between the boys? Will Arthur tell you he loves you? Will Robin try to woo you? And will Brian express himself to u? please use the comment page to tell me. Michelle

Created by: Michelle Withers

  1. You wake up on a beach. Sand is in-between your toes and the slow and gentle waves flow to you, then back into the ocean. Behind you are cliffs that tower about fifty feet tall. To your left, you see a cave. Thinking you saw a figure in there, you stand up and....
  2. Whatever you do, it causes the attention of something in the cave, which starts moving toward you. You try to run, but you're frozen; literally, you suddenly can't move your arms or legs. Out from the darkness comes a boy, about fifteen. His hair is Jet black and his eyes are an emerald green. His expression changes to shock as soon as he sees you. The boy slowly approaches you, as he gets closer; you attempt to move away, but to no success. He stops, only inches from your face, and he leans in closer
  3. He continues to lean forward and opens his mouth, revealing his large, deadly fangs. Before he could do whatever he wanted, he groans in pain as a silver blade jams through his chest. The boy collapses and evaporates into green dust. Now in front of you is a boy the same age of the late vampire. His blonde hair shimmered in the light and his deep blue eyes seemed full of worry. Your rescuer puts his hand on your shoulder, and you can suddenly move again. You fall into his arms, still getting used to moving again. "Who was that?" You ask him. He stands you up and says, "His name is Prince Alexander, you must stay away from him." You are shivering now from the sudden coldness of the wind. "Don't worry; I know a place where I can protect you." He grasps your hand and touches his necklace, and before you can look at it, the scene changes. The last thing you see is a large medieval castle, and then you pass out. When you come to, you're lying down on a couch. Pictures of knights slaying dragons cover the walls, and a figurine of a snake on the coffee table startles you. Before you can get up, the blonde boy enters the room, holding a tray with a glass on it. "Here, take this."
  4. "It is nectar mixed with dragon's blood, hard to get, but makes a great tasting medicine." You look at your drink, it sure looks like blood, but more frothy. "It's alright, you can drink it." He reassures you. As you take a/another sip, a second boy comes rushing through a door of to the right. "Where is she?" He demands. You look at him, and he starts to blush. "Oh, there you are." He says with a nervous smile. He has dark brown hair and eyes to match; he is wearing blue jeans and a green t-shirt. "_______, this is Robin, he will help protect you." He waves to you and you wave back.
  5. "This is my home, Camelot, well, a remake of it anyways." You set your glass on the table, next to the freaky snake. "You mean, are you King Arthur? He sits down next to you and says. "Prince now, I'd have to have a princess to be king." You blush and ask him. "Is that why you brought me here?" He gives a little laugh and says. "No, I brought you here because you have something special, a gift." Rick comes over and sits on the other side of you. "What do I have?" You ask them. The boys exchange looks and smile. "Well,' Robin tells you. "˜You're a time traveler, like us." Your eyes widen and you grab a cookie from the tray. "Oh those aren't...." Rick says trying to stop you. You take a bite, and your image goes black. When you wake up, you're in a garde outside of the castle. Underneath you is a picinic blanket, you feel like you've been asleep for days. Out from behind a tree comes a black haired boy. A tfirst you think it's Alexander, but his eyes aren't cold and bloodthirsty. This new boy's were warm and inviting. He sits next to you and says, "You ate the cookie?" You nodd. "You've been asleep for a few days." You're now in shock. "A few days?!" "That's what you get for eating amtosia." "Doesn't that heal you." "Not ambrosia, antosia, you only ate a small dosage so you didn't sleep for very long. It's a medival treat that was invented so if someone broke into a castle, he would eat the entire cracker and fall asleep for a month." "That's a dumb invention." The boy chuckled. "Yes, but Arthur insists that we keep it anyways." You stand up, a little wobbly. He leads you back into the castle. "I don't understand." He murmers. "What?" You ask. "You're a teleporter, but you don't seem to have an object to use." "What do you mean?" "The only way someone like us can teleport, is by touching our object of power." He shows you his necklace with a black panther on it. "Maybe I haven't gotten it yet." "No, you have it, that's how you got here."
  6. What do you think of this story I created???
  7. Do you think I should keep making the story. (If u do, plase say it on my comments page)
  8. Which boy do you like in the story???
  9. Who should be mentioned more often???
  10. Random Question here: What is your favorite color???

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