Do you have a strong sense of justice?

(this quiz is not necessary accurate) You can see heroes with great sense of justice adn fight with bad guys in show. You can see the police force and you school leaders, etc with that same spirit. However, you may not know yourself.

Are you like the heroes in the show? Are you able to make the world a better one? Hope my quiz can help up. Don't blame me if it can't, though. You just need to spend some time, about 3 minutes to go through this 12 question test. Try it! You'll never know something until you try!

Created by: l s l
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  1. During a fine day, you discovered that your friend is bullying someone that makes you feel uncomfortable, you...
  2. During a day of a hated person's absence, one of your friends is sending a chain message, writing bad things about that person that will most likely harm his/her future. What do you do?
  3. You had a quarrel with your friend. As you are walking away, you can hear your friend saying bad things about you. What will you do?
  4. Define justice.
  5. To you,
  6. The amount of hope in you is directly proprtional to
  7. Walking in the park, you found many empty cans on the floor. There are no dustbins around and you are not carrying anything to contain the cans. The only rubbish you can see is cans. You will most probably...
  8. It is either 10 people get trapped in a 6 side blocked room, or you get trapped in a room full of (your phobia). To be honest, which will you choose. Please consider carefully
  9. You are told by your best friend that he betrayed you. What will be your reaction?
  10. As a discipline master of a school, your motto is

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Quiz topic: Do I have a strong sense of justice?