Smallville Quiz

There are many savors, but less heroes. A hero is someone who protects the world against crime and stands for justice. A hero is also someone that knows what he/she is doing and knows what to do when someone is in trouble.

Are YOU a hero? Do you have what it takes to protect the world? Are you even strong enough to take on people that even Superman had a hard time defeating? Thanks to this quiz, you will find out in just a few moments!

Created by: Jordan Smith
  1. What planet is Clark Kent (Superman) from?
  2. What is Clark's weakness?
  3. Who does Clark Kent love in the show?
  4. What are the names of Clark's biological parents?
  5. In the first episode of season 4 of Smallville, who finds Clark Kent laying in a corn field?
  6. In season 5 of Smallville, who does Zod use as a vessel to get to earth?
  7. Who died season 5 as a result of Clark dying as a human and coming back with his powers?
  8. What kind of shower did Clark come to earth in?
  9. In the season 6 finale episode of Smallville called "Phantom", what phantom took some of Clark's DNA and now looks like him and thinks hurting people is good?
  10. Who do you think died in the season 6 finale of Smallville?

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