This Quiz is a small easy quiz on smallville my favorite show on earth other than pirates of the caribbeann I have no clue how to spell that anyway a few memory helpers will not be needed since it is quite simple

Do you even know what smallville is? What dose the name Lex Luthor mean to you? DO you have the guts to take this quiz? oh what the heck am i saying this quiz is so easy that even a person who has never watched the show could do good

Created by: sleepy
  1. What is the first power that Clark gets that you see him get?
  2. What is the Name of the actor that plays Lionel Luthor
  3. What is the name of Clarks real father?
  4. What is the last name of Lana langs Biological father
  5. What is the thing that makes clark's blood bubble?
  6. How many kisses dose Clark receive in the whole series?
  7. On the season finally of the fifth season who is Posesed by Zod
  8. Around how old is the actor who plays Lex Luthor?
  9. On one of the episodes Lex gets a present from someone and he gets in delivered to him when he is in the Talon whats inside?
  10. What dose Clark have in common with Lex?

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