Smallville United

There are nmany people in this world who dtream of being in smallville united but very few actually make it. What is smallville united you may think. IT IS A FAN CLUB I HAVE FOUNDED THAT HAS ALREADY 10000 people in it!

Are you worthy of being in smallville united? Do you have the determination, the knowhow and the small ville to make it? Untill now you could only wonder. but thanks to me you can find out!

Created by: Kelsey

  1. Who is Clark Kent's Alien Name?
  2. What Planet is he from?
  3. Where Does He Live?
  4. Who is the real name?:
  5. Pete?
  6. How many people Have the initials L.L.
  7. Who are Clarks parents?
  8. Lex Luthor is:
  9. What is the talon?
  10. What is the enquisiter?
  11. Who is Lois Lane?
  12. Who is Lucy Lane?
  13. Who plays Clark?
  14. What is the opening theme called

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