How Well Do You Know Smallville?

An obsessed fan of Smallville knows everything about Smallville. They know all of the actor's names, and even has the officail Smallville calendar. IT is trult honorable to be a Smallville Freak.

Do you have the Super-Strength to prove your loyalty to Smallville? Take this quiz to see if you'll fly or hit the ground running. Are you worthy? Find out now!

Created by: IYWG
  1. What doesn't happen in the ninth season finale?
  2. Which set of twins appear separately on Smallville?
  3. Which year did Smallville first start?
  4. Where is Smallville shot?
  5. What is the name of the 50th episode of Smallville?
  6. Which actor portrays Clark Kent?
  7. What is Lex's favorite superhero?
  8. Which of the following did Tina Greer NOT transform into?
  9. What season does Clark lose his virginity?
  10. What did the actor who portrayed Pete Ross do in late 2009?
  11. When did Lex say "I am the villain of the story"?
  12. What color are Lana's eyes?
  13. What is Clark's superhero persona in season 8?
  14. Who was Clark's first real girlfriend?
  15. Who is Lana's actual father?
  16. Who does Lex marry first?
  17. Tom Welling was born in?
  18. What did Clark name his Super-Strong dog?
  19. Who is Chloe's cousin?
  20. Who killed Jullian?
  21. Which season does Clark meet Alicia?
  22. Who does Chloe basically marry?
  23. What two words appear on Helen Bryce's name tag in "Anger Management"?
  24. Who Plays Pete Ross?
  25. NOW THE REALLY HARD ONE: When Clark and Lana get out of bed, what body part does Clark hit?

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