Smallville Quiz

This is a quiz of Smallville that I made. There are very easy questions (if you're a Smallville freak) if not... It might be a little difficult... Enjoy!

How much do you know about Smallville? Take this quiz and find out!! Keep on watching! Good luck!

Created by: michelle
  1. Which one of these characters was the first to be cast on Smallville?
  2. What is the name of Chloe's mother?
  3. What is tom welling's middle name?
  4. What is Clark's "other" name?
  5. Who are Clark's biological parents??
  6. Where was Chloe born?
  7. In what grade Chloe moved to Smallville?
  8. Who was Clark's first kiss?
  9. What song was played in the episode Pilot when it ends?
  10. True or false: Clark was shot on the episode "hidden"
  11. In what year started Smallville?
  12. Lana's boyfriend from France is...
  13. Which kryptonite causes hallucinations and paranoid delusions for Clark?
  14. What effect do red kryptonites have on Clark?
  15. What is the name of the place Clark visits in the arctic circle?
  16. Who posees Lana in season 4?
  17. What wish did Lana grant Martha on the day of the meteor shower?
  18. Which character has not died on Smallville?
  19. Which one is one of Clark's fears?
  20. What was called the 100th episode of Smallville?

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