How well do you know *Clois*?

There's somethings I like to say: 1st-You take this quiz if you are a Clois fan. 2nd-You take this if you're not a Clois fan, because after this you WILL be a Clois fan. 3rd-In conclusion, everybody who saw a bunch of episodes of Smallville can take this quiz...:)

Are you the ultimate Clois fan? Do you really think you know allot about Clois? Well, we're about to find out aren't we? Good Luck and may Clois be with you!xD

Created by: ana faria
  1. In wich episode did Lois and Clark meet for the first time?
  2. In wich episode does Lois dunk Clark?
  3. In wich episode did Lois and Clark kiss for the first time?
  4. In wich episode was taken the following dialogue: Lois - Don't worry, I'll visit... Clark - Is that a promess or a treath?
  5. In wich episode, by influence of Red K. did Lois fall in love with Clark?
  6. In wich episode does Lois perform a lap dance to Clark?
  7. In wich episode is Lois memory erased after she found out Clark's secret?
  8. In wich episode does Clark tell is secret to Lois and exposes himself on the newspapper?
  9. In wich episode Clark and Lois allmost kiss eachother and Lana b**** shows up to ruin it?
  10. In wich episode Clark jumps in front of a bullet to protect Lois?
  11. What happens on "Comitted"?
  12. How does Lois explain Clark the "I Love You" situation?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know *Clois*?