Do U Remember?

How much do you remember about the past episodes of Smallville? Do you actually go back and watch your DVD's of Smallville or are they collecting dust on your shelf? Take our quiz to test if your Smallville you remember?

Think of yourself as the ultimate number one fan of Smallville? Do you remember every single episoded that you've watched? Think you know it all about Smallville? Take this quiz to test your knowledge...we dare you!

Created by: LaCresha
  1. Name the 100th episode of Smallville.
  2. Lois went undercover at a gentleman's club to sleuth for information about a murder, what did she go as?
  3. Think fast! What super hero did we get to see in season 4?
  4. Lois has a baby sister, what's her name?
  5. What illegal activity does Pete get involved in in season 3 that puts him in gambling debt?
  6. What teleporting cutie is smitten with Clark in season 3?
  7. What does Pete find that makes Clark reveal his secret?
  8. Clark finds a young new friend named Ryan who can read minds. What comic book does Ryan love to read?
  9. Dr. Virgil Swan was played by what super talented actor in season 2?
  10. Name of the first Smallville episode?

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