How Well Do You Remember the 2007 Daytona 500?

February 17, 2008 will be the 50th running of the great American race, the Daytona 500. But do you remember the 49th running of the Daytona 500? Take this quiz to find out.

Find out how big of a Nascar fan you really are! How much do you remember? Did you watch the race? Or just the highlights? Or don't even know what Nascar is, but want to guess at the answers to see how high of score you can get?

Created by: Tracy

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  1. Who won the 2007 Daytona 500?
  2. Who finished second, after leading the previous 25 laps?
  3. Who won the pole for the 2007 Daytona 500?
  4. Which driver finished a surprising 4th place after avoiding a last lap incident that took out several cars in front of him?
  5. Who was the highest finishing rookie?
  6. Which of the following drivers did not finish the race?
  7. Which driver finished the race on his roof and on fire?
  8. Many drivers received penalties during the week prior to the Daytona 500. Which of these drivers did not receive a penalty?
  9. Tony Stewart was leading late in the race, but he got into a late race accident with which driver?
  10. Who initually spun out causing the last lap pile up?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Remember the 2007 Daytona 500?