How big of a Cub fan are you?

There are lots of folks out there that "say they are a Cub fan but are you a Die Hard Cub fan or a fair weather Joe? What spilled on "Bull's" glove, who made Ron Santo scream like a little girl? Find out!

This quiz covers a little bit of Cubs history.Will you get placed in Peoria, Daytona, or maybe Iowa or go straight to the show Take this short quiz to answer the question, "How big of a Cub Fan are ya?"

Created by: Cowboy
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  1. Which Cub player dropped a fly ball against the Brewers that almost killed Ron Santo?
  2. What spilled on Cubs first basemen's Leon Durham's glove in game 5 of the '84 NLCS?
  3. Which Cub player saved an American Flag from being burned?
  4. Who do you hate more?
  5. If the Cardinals and White Sox played each other in a World Series you would what?
  6. What curses the Chicago Cubs?
  7. Which player from hit a homerun for Colorado to force a one game playoff with the Giants?
  8. Will we be in heaven in 07?
  9. Who planted the ivy at Wrigley?
  10. What is painted on a rooftop out in leftfield.

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Quiz topic: How big of a Cub fan am I?