Do you know Swat?

This quiz is ALL about 1striotz S.W.A.T. it is not to be disclosed to anyone or anything and the only way you can pass is if you REALLY know it. There really is no way except to actually be in the clan caus god knows you won't remember.

DO you know it, Do you think you remember everything from training? If you do I bet you won't get the very last question at least MWUHAHAHA, Have fun trying to better yourself.

Created by: Michael
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  1. What is Follow me?
  2. What is SR?
  3. what is D-F?
  4. What is Attack the rear?
  5. What is Hold?
  6. What is FLP?
  7. what is FRP?
  8. What is SMP?
  9. !!!BONUS!!! What is the Points job?
  10. What is E-B?
  11. what is S-B?
  12. What is A-B?
  13. What is F-B?
  14. What is BP?
  15. What is DP?
  16. What is Fall Back?
  17. What is Cover me
  18. What is DANGER!!!
  19. What is Clear?
  20. !!!BONUS!!! What is the rule for glitching?
  21. Brief diagram of line formation
  22. Breif Discription of Box formation
  23. Brief discription of Arrow formation
  24. What is Parade formation?
  25. !!!ULTRA BONUS!!! Who is the supreme ruler of all that is holy and awesome?

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Quiz topic: Do I know Swat?