do you have a 6th sense?

there are many people that claim they have a 6th sense, some people are just really smart, and some people actually do, many people say "THATS IMPOSSIBLE" but how would they know, they dont have it! sometimes science dosent solve everything.

do YOU have a 6th sense? have you ever wonderd why you can tell uncertain things, or know about stuff? well here is your chance to find the truthful answers. do YOU think you have a 6th sense? well click on this test AND FIND OUT!!!!

Created by: katelyn
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  1. heyy heyy peeps, hows it goin?
  2. if you were an agent, and you were asigned to a new position where you interigate people, what is the first detail you would look for in a criminal?
  3. have you ever heard a door open, and all of a sunden know who it is? with out looking! BE HONEST
  4. do you have de'ja vou? like you dream, or vision that something will hapen, and then it does.
  5. whats your favorite color?
  6. can you tell when someone is going to do a certain action?
  7. if you know some one that was doing another persons commands, but they normally wouldn't, what would you suspect?
  8. do any of your family members have extra senses?
  9. what will be my next quesion?
  10. do you think that this quiz will have truthfull answers?

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Quiz topic: Do I have a 6th sense?