What's your style?

We all have some kind of fashion sense, don't we? It may also keep on changing as we grow. Some may be in the sporty face now, six months later in the super girly phase. Our dress sense doesn't stay the same either. Well, what's your's now?????

To find out what your fashion sense is, you just got to take this quiz. Answer these twelve questions, then in a few minutes you will know. Check it out!!!!!!!!!!

Created by: superpersonwhoisthestarofstuff
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  1. You're going to your friend's dance party! How will you do your hair?
  2. Okay, for that same dance party, what are you going to wear?
  3. What clothing do you wear daily?
  4. How much time do you spend over your hair?
  5. What kind of lip balm would you take around in your pocket, if you had to?
  6. Which of these hair accessories do you like best? (for daily wear)
  7. You're getting new roller blades! What design do you want the helmet?
  8. You're always looking out for new fashions.
  9. Which colour do you like?
  10. Which symbol do u like?

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Quiz topic: What's my style?