How should you style your hair

There are Millions of hair style out in the world, you now dont have to pick one, I did it for you but remember, you realy dont have to do what it says, you can though, if you want to, remember it is just a quiz, have fun with it and be happy.

What will your hair style be mohawk, straight, curled, or spiked. It is in your answers to find out. good luck. oh and also I forgot to say you might be sad with you answer so try the style if it doesnt go well leave a comment in the comment box which is someware on the screen.

Created by: spud
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. do you jump off of high things?
  2. What is your faviorite color
  3. do you flirt with as many girls/boys as you can in one day
  4. Which is a better better soda
  5. what do you do during school
  6. what is your favorite sport
  7. what is your favorite daily activity
  8. what is your favorite food
  9. who is your favorite sports team
  10. did you like this quiz, are you exited to find out your annswers

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Quiz topic: How should I style my hair