Do you need to see to do your hair?

As a stylist I continually hear from my clients they can't 'see' the back of their hair, therefore unable to style it. Take the quiz and see how you compare.

I can't style my hair like you do! I can't see what I am doing? My hands won't do that? Are these questions you have asked your own stylist? Take the quiz to find out more.

Created by: Heather Meiser
  1. Anyone can do this.
  2. The visually impaired can do anything the sighted can do, they just do it differently.
  3. There are blind mechanics.
  4. The mind sees more than the eye does.
  5. Its why touch typing was invented.
  6. Styling your hair without sight should be as easy as tying your shoe without sight.
  7. Does the military train for this?
  8. Does the military train for this?
  9. Do the police train for this?
  10. Can you style your hair without seeing?

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Quiz topic: Do I need to see to do my hair?