What is your style?

When you hop off the school bus every morning, you see a lot of people. Sure, they can all be easily classified into groups depending on what they wear and what they like but what exactly are you?

If you've ever wondered what your clothing and even life style is, then this is the quiz for you. You may not be what you expected. Or maybe you are, at any rate this quiz will reveal your true style.

Created by: Kayla

  1. On the first day of school, you wear:
  2. Your friends are always asking to borrow:
  3. You violate the school dresscode when you wear:
  4. Some of your hobbies include:
  5. As for makeup, you put on:
  6. When you wear a hat, it is usually:
  7. Your room is:
  8. Your favorite web-site is:
  9. You and your BFF love:
  10. Your favorite school subject is:

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Quiz topic: What is my style?