What Riding Style Fits You Best?

How are you ever supposed to know what type of riding is truly you? I mean, short of trying every style. Well, there are simple answers; No, skateboarders do not "Jump" Or "Go West", and bikers do not "Capriole".

I spent many years finding out my favourite riding style, but this quiz will show you in a few minutes! So, what are you waiting for? Get your saddle on!

Created by: Ebony
  1. Your ideal horse is;
  2. Your favourite colour on a horse is;
  3. Oh No! Your horse is hurt... What's wrong with him?
  4. You often draw your horse;
  5. You had a dream last night about your horse...
  6. You would name your horse;
  7. Your horse likes eating treats. What's his favourite?
  8. Your horse has...
  9. Your ideal horse is a...
  10. When riding, you dress;

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