Which Wedding Invitation Style Are You?

When it comes to choosing your invitations, it can be hard to figure out "which style you are". Whether you are trendy and cool, casual and different, or traditional & sophisticated, we can accommodate any invitation style.

This quiz, filled with some fun questions, will help you decide on what style invitation will best fit you and your fiance's wedding personality! Answer the questions as honest as possible to get an accurate result!

Created by: Invitation Solutions
  1. Where is your wedding location?
  2. What flowers will be in your bouquet?
  3. What colors are closest to your wedding colors?
  4. What store can you not live without?
  5. What type of veil will you be wearing?
  6. What are your bridesmaids wearing
  7. Which pattern most interests you?
  8. Where is your honeymoon?
  9. Jewelry?
  10. Would you allow your man to wear tennis shoes or flip flops?

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Quiz topic: Which Wedding Invitation Style am I?