Apollo Justice: How much do you know?

Hundreds of Ace Attorney fans walk the Earth. Even more walk beyond it. Are you one of those fans? Come see how much you know about the newest installment of the AA series, Apollo Justice! Warning: May cotain spoliers.

How much do you REALLY know about Apollo Justice and his friends? Up until now you could just flaunt your knowledge on various websites. But come on down and step on up to see if YOU, my friend, are a real Apollo Justice fan.

Created by: Sophie Binney
  1. Which one of these people doe Trucy call her "Uncle"?
  2. What is ther first piece of forged evidence you present?
  3. Which one of these people is Trucy's sibling?
  4. Who set Klavier's guitar on fire?
  5. What is Alita Tiala's nervous habit and why?
  6. What did Daryan and Machi conspire to do?
  7. What is Romein LeTouse's real occupation?
  8. What does Phoenix do for a living?
  9. Who is the sixth juror in the fourth case?
  10. What is Trucy's favorite magic trick?
  11. In the present, who is the real heir to Magnifi's magic?
  12. Who killed Magnifi Gramarey?
  13. Ladder or step-ladder?
  14. What happens to Vera is you choose "Guilty"?
  15. What is the mascot of Eldoon's Noodles?
  16. What does Phoenix do if you examine the wooden figurine in Drew Studio?
  17. What is Vera's good luck charm and who gave it to her?
  18. Why does Vera rufuse to leave the house?
  19. What is the name of the song Lamiror sings at the Gavinners concert?
  20. Machi Tobaye is Lamiror's pianist. She leads him around by the hand all the time. Why?
  21. At the end of the third case, what does Phoenix suggest Lamiror do?
  22. As you leave Drew Studio in the past, Vera makes a comment about Phoenix. What does she say, and how does Phonix respond?
  23. Why is the fourth trail cut short?
  24. What was Eldoon's previous occupation?
  25. What is the Gramarye "power" and what three living people possess it?
  26. Which one of these people doesn't speak during the credits?
  27. What 2 items are found in the trash can in front of People Park?
  28. How much money is the Blue Badger on Wocky's shirt worth?
  29. Lamiror was almost killed. How?
  30. What is Klavier's nickname for Apollo and why?
  31. Where did Lamiror witness LeTouse's killing from?
  32. Where was Pal Meraktis shot and where was the killer when they shot him?
  33. Does the locket Phoenix have belong to him?
  34. What does Olga Orly do for a living?
  35. How many lockets are there and whose picture(s) does it (they) contain?

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Quiz topic: Apollo Justice: How much do I know?