Our Beloved Heroes! Which Hogan's Heroes Character Are You?

Hogan's Heroes is a very popular television show running from 1965-1961. It was about 5 cunning POW's in Germany who virtually had an "underground" system beneath the ground--complete with all of the sabotaging equipment any PW camp needed.

It's a grea show and should truly be seen. I've been watching it since I was six and love ALL of the characters. My favs had to have been Newkirk, LeBeau, Carter, Hogan, Shultz, SS guard, Klink, then Kinch.

Created by: Mackenzie
  1. Quick! Pick a Quote!
  2. Your a male POW with a one day pass to Berlin. You would spend it:
  3. A German plant need to be sabotaged and the person in charge hints that he needs volunteers for this extra dangerous mission. You:
  4. Your every-day work would probably involve:
  5. If you could speak with any accent it would probably be:
  6. You have some extra time on your hands. You would:
  7. If you hadn't seen a girl for over three years, and found one who was available, you would:
  8. Quick. Pick one.
  9. You have a job to do with Carter. Your best bet to get out of this mess is to:
  10. You are going to dine. You much rather prefer:

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Quiz topic: Our Beloved Heroes! Which Hogan's Heroes Character am I?