a you a real HEROES fan?

there are many heroes fans, but are you one of the TRUE heroes fan? What is a TRUE hereoes fan? someone who tries to catch as many episodes as they can, or someone who knows the entire cast and crew?

Are you a TRUE heroes fan? Do you think you've got the whole story down? Or are you one of the wanna be heores fans just cause your jealous cause, like, everybody loves heroes! Just take this quik quiz, and you will find out.

Created by: ember
  1. How many episodes have you missed?
  2. how is Kensei in the present, and he hasn't aged
  3. Why did Niki send Mica to his grams' house?
  4. who was the " nightmare man"?
  5. Who was the killer of Hiro's dad?
  6. Who is Elle? What is her power?
  7. What is West's power?
  8. why did Simone kill everyone at her brother's wedding?
  9. Did Noah really die?
  10. Why was West mad at Clair?
  11. FINAL QUESTION: are you gonna watch heroes this week?! (don't you dare lie to me!)

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