Which Heroes Character are You?

Heroes is a Popular TV Show in America and Britain, Plus many countries all over the world. This quiz shows you which Heroes character you are Most Like! Good Luck!

You Can Be Peter, Claire, Sylar, Hiro, Nathan, Bob, Elle and Mohinder! Remember Be Honest and Don't cheat on any answers. All answers are confidential

Created by: Joe Treanor

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do You get on with your parents
  2. Are you a Good Leader
  3. Do you have lots of friends
  4. If You were in a Plane About to crash into the see would you...
  5. What Power do You Like?
  6. Do You want to reveal your Powers?
  7. Can You Master Your Powers Easily
  8. What would you spend $/ã250000 on?
  9. Would You choose a power you can kill people with?
  10. Would You Be Good or Bad

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Quiz topic: Which Heroes Character am I?