Its all in the dress girl!

Hi! I'm the quiz maker of the Tough Romance series! If you haven't taken it I don't mid cause this is no sequal of new story but same characters type of deal. I'm done with that.

But I hope you enjoy and I hope you like this one! I thought about the story with this and I had to write it! I hope all of you Tough Romance fans enjoy this one. Its not as long as the other series. Sorry about that. But you should have a good picture of whats going on!

Created by: Wolfygirl

  1. "Elizabeth! Elizabeth!" yelled your friend Bella as she ran to you. You turned around and looked at the curly golden blond hair. Her blue eyes sparkled with her silky white scarf around her neck. She was wearing the scarf to cover her pink spegetty sleeve shirt. It looked really good on her. She had short jeans on and high heels. She was wearing red lipstick and had loop earrings on along with chain necklace under her scarf. "Hey Liz, thought that you were going to leave without me?" She said when she caought up to you.
  2. "Oh I'm didn't know that you were going to come walking home with me," You say to Bella. She sighed. She had gum in her mouth and she chew it and said "We are not going to your home yet." She got right in front of you as if to block your path. She crossed her arms and looked at you. You sighed "Yes I am." Your about to move forward when you are then pulled back by two familar friends. You look behind you and see your other two best friends. Jassie and Selina.
  3. Selina was raised with a hispanic heritage. She had black curly hair and white skin. I mean ghost white skin. She had dark brown eyes and a high school jersey. That her boy friend gave to her for free. He's on the football team. She had a pair or jeans on. Jessie was light chocolate color. Her mom was born with a german heritage and her dad was born with a african American heritage. She was beautiful. She had beautiful hazel eyes and beautiful black silky hair tied into a chongo(Known as poney tails. Sorry I don't speak much spanish but I say spanish words and don't even notice.) She had a blue short sleeved shirt with some skinny designer jeans. She was vary pretty (like this one girl I know who's name is Alexandria. She's just beautiful)
  4. "Oh your not leaving until you find yourself a dress!" Jassie said. Selina laughed and said "Yeah you can't go to prom without a dress!" You sighed and said "You guys I don't even have a date!" You said.
  5. You three walk to the outdoor mall and look for dresses. You find this one dress shop and you all try different dresses there. Bella trys on a poofy pink dress that the clerk said would look perfect on her but she was just playing mean.
  6. "That clerk is just messing with you Bella. Don't worry we wont buy anything from this place." Jessie said and took you guys out of the store.
  7. You went to another store with a lot of dresses. You were trying some on while the girls patiently waited for you outside of the dressing room. It was a beautiful dress. It was a blue purple colored dress with a small poofy skirt and a sparkle cloth around it. It was like the cover of the lotion from batha and body works moonligh path. The only problem was that it was too tight for your breast. It was made for a girl with cup A size bras. Not cup bs so you felt like you couldn't breath. You walked out and you saw your friends smile. "Liz you look amazing in that dress!" Bella exclaimed and Jessie said "If I wasn't straight I would have a secret crush on you!" You heard Selina say that your pretty and all of these nice things in spanish and Jessie looked at her and said "Can you speak english please." But Selina said something said something in spansish that you didn't understand cause she said it too fast for you to translate.
  8. Jessie looked at her and said "Speak english girl!" Selina then went from talking fast to laughing. Jessie then said "If your gona speak spanish I gona speak German! Guten abed A holla abish!" Selina looked at her and was about to say something else but Jessie cover her mouth with her hand and said "But Lizy you look beautiful!" Selina nodded her head in agreemant.
  9. You say "I like it but its too tight on the top. It was made for a cup a size not a cup b." Bella said "Lets see it we can find a bigger size...." She left to look for a clerk. "Well my mom she knows a lady who makes dresses and she can probably put a little ezstention on in and make it look like its part of the design so people wont notice!" Selina said. "You would really do that?" You asked. "Of corse your my friend!" She said clasping her hands. "Thanks Selina. Then I'll buy it and you show me that lady okay?" You said. "Okay!" Selina said. You bought it and left back home as the sun started to set. You waved good-bye to your friends and Selina took your dress to talk to her mom about your plan with it.
  10. You walk to your home thats in a vary fancy neighborhood. Even though your family is not even close to rich your family got it on a deal when people didn't want to buy the two story and basement house and a giant back yard that could have a herd of rhinoes in it.
  11. You enter your house and see that no one is home. You walk up stairs and plop on top of your bed and played your music and started to work on your homework.
  12. You put your music on high and you then feel your phone vibrate. You answer it and its a guy's voice. "I know where you live..." It was deep and you got scared. "Exscuse me who is this?" You ask. "Look out your window." The strange man said. You do and you see a strange man with a black trench coat and a black hat on so you didn't reconized the guy at all.
  13. Thats the end part 2 in being made in the current minnute! Tell me what you think! Coment and rate if you please I don't mind.

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