What type of prom dress will look hot on you?

There is a prom coming up, and you are just ready to go shopping. But, you can't seem to find the "right type." All the other girls seem to be in prom girl heaven! Don't worry, you can be a prom queen too, just find the right dress.

Do you want to be a prom queen? Well, not just anyone can become a prom queen. What matters the most is their outfit; the dress. Try out this quiz and see what kind of dress is your type of dress.

Created by: thaliagrace12345

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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What type of body do you have?
  2. What is your favourite color?
  3. What is your skin tone?
  4. What is your hair color?
  5. What is your eye color?
  6. What is your nationality? (NOT RACISM)
  7. What greek goddess do you think you are?
  8. Do you have a date?
  9. What character from HARRY POTTER will best describe you? Don't care about the gender of the character! Just their personality!
  10. Finally, IF your crush asked out your BFF for the prom and your friend said yes! What would you do?

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