What kind of girl will you take to prom?

In a typical high school there are many kinds of girls which you could chose to take to prom. There is the prestigious cheerleader, the prom queen, the snobby rich chick, the female athlete, the bookworm, the girly girl, the ugly chick, and if you have one your steady girlfriend.

This oracle will inform you which of these types will be your ideal prom date, and who you have the best chances with. Knowing will take a lot of the nervousness out of asking a girl to prom.

Created by: PromKing of Prom
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  1. Do you play sports?
  2. What do you consider your looks to be?
  3. Consider your class rank, come graduation where will you stand
  4. Do you play chess?
  5. Do you have a steady girlfriend?
  6. When it comes to dating, how much do looks matter?
  7. How are you involved in sports?
  8. Can you play a musical instrument?
  9. What are your grades like?
  10. Can you sing well?
  11. What is your net worth like?
  12. Have you ever made out?
  13. Are you sure you are single?
  14. Are You absolutely positive you are single?
  15. Do you drink alcohol?
  16. Have you ever had sex?
  17. Do you consider yourself to be "connected" to the theatre?
  18. Are you good at playing blackjack?
  19. One last question, Are you single?
  20. I'm sorry, but a few more questions, Have you ever traveled more than 500 miles from home?
  21. What kind of astrological sign do you have?
  22. Does your birthdate end in an even or odd number
  23. Would you rather?
  24. Last, and actually the last question, Would you accept a prom date if you could only see a swimsuit picture of them, and didn't know them before prom?

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Quiz topic: What kind of girl will I take to prom?