Its all in the dress girl! Part 2

Hi! I hope you like this new series like you like the other one! Hope you enjoy It's all about the dress girl! Enjoy and have a fun time!! I hope you enjoy it!

Hi I hope you like the quiz and have a fun time! Comment or rate if you please! I know I say it a lot but it fills in the paragraphs! Right? Am I right?

Created by: Wolfygirl
  1. You see the strange man outside your window. You get scared and you lock your doors when the voice on the phone. "Look Elizabeth listen to me. I'm not here to hurt you-" "Yeah right I'm not stupid." You hang up the phone. You lock all the doors and sit in the attic which is in your room which you locked all doors entering into it.
  2. You hide in there for hours. No one comes in. You hold your breath. You call 911 and tell them about the strange man and they come to your house. "A small girl like you shouldn't be here alone. Its about the time when people come into houses." The Officer said.
  3. After your parents come home you tell them what happened and they say they want you to be with someone at the house from now on. You go to sleep that night with the strange man's figure stuck in your head.
  4. You wake up and get ready for the day. You curl your straight brown hair and you put on some make up around your green eyes. You put on a white shirt with a black leather jacket. It was small a striper like but you really wanted a date to the prom next week. You go down stairs with black skinny jeans and grab an apple. You run outside and walk to your Valley Vista High school.
  5. You meet with Bella and she say worried "Are you okay? I heard that a strange man was at your house and tried to rape you!" You look at her and said "He just stood outside. He didn't step in the house. Who told you that he tried to rape me?" You asked. "I heard from Selina who heard it from her brother who heard from a friend." Bella said.
  6. "Word gets around fast. Really fast." You say. Bella nodded in agreement. You said bye an went to your first class. History. You went through your period with a note thrown to your head. Apperntly it was for you so you read it. It was just do you like ______. Circle yes or no. You threw it in the trash, It was just a stupid note.
  7. You made it all the way to lunch period. You were starving so you grabbed yourself a burrito. You took a seat next to your friends and a guy walked up to you. You know this guy as Josh. A couple of guys were laughing right behind him and he said "Hey Elizabeth would you go out with me?" You see his laughing friends and you get mad.
  8. "Seriously? No." You say. You get out of your seat and walk away. "People and their mean jokes. One of the guys laughing said "See I told you that she would say no! hahaha!" You leave feeling mad. But later your in chemistry and he sits next to you as your lab partner.
  9. "Hey Liz. Earlier today when I was asking you out I actually ment it." He said. You looked at him with his black hair and dark brown eyes. He was really serious! "Oh I'm sorry, I saw your friends behind you laughing and I thought that you were playing a mean joke on me..."You say.
  10. "Its okay." He said. The reat of your period was quiet. At the end of the day Bella comes up to you and says "Hey are you going to Brady's party tonight?" "Guess I am cause I just know that your gona drag me over there." You say. "Yup!" Bella grabs your hand and you run to her house.
  11. You get dressed in a blue tank top and some skinny jeans. You curl your hair again and put on make up for the party. Bella got dressed in her big purple jersey from her boyfriend. And some long jeans. Then you two walk over to the party.
  12. You go to the party and notice that a lot of people are drinking. I mean drinking drinking. "Bella I don't think its safe to be here...." You say to your friend. "It will be fine Liz. No need to freak out." She said.
  13. Those were the last words you heard from your friend........
  14. Hi thats the end of part 2! Hope you liked it and comment and rate if you please I don't mind but it lets me know if the series are going good!

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