Its all in the dress girl! Part 3

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Created by: Wolfygirl

  1. You look at Brady and say "What happened?" He looked at you and said "At the party the strange guy that was at your house came and had a gun.....he stole a couple of things and shot a couple of people..."
  2. "Wheres Bella?" You asked. He looked down and his eyes showed it. Tears started to swell up in your eyes. You cried. You looked at Brady's blond hair and his blue green eyes. He was a cool guy.
  3. He left the room. You say when he's at the door "Its okay Brady...." He left. You get up and see that you had a bullet wound in your side. There was a cast and some stitches.
  4. You get ready for the day. You tie your hair in a poney tail and put on a normal shirt with words saying "I hu trees" with some jeans a sneakers. You put on your make up and walk to school. You feel like your being hugged with the cast on.
  5. You go through your classes and talk with your two friends that are left. You all are sad. Your sitting at lunch in silence. You then see a unfamilar face walk in the cafeteria.
  6. You can tell its a new huy. He was tall(looks like Naoi from angel beats. He's the guy in my piture profie thing) He had brown yellow like eyes with black hair and green highlights at the tip of his chin length jair. He had a black jacket with a white t-shirt and jeans.
  7. "Guess theres a new kid huh?" Jessie said. "He sits next to me in first period. He's pretty cute." Selina said. She smiled. "What happened?" You demanded.
  8. "What do you mean what happened?" Selina asked confused. "Selina whenever you talk about a guy and smile something happened. So what happened?" You say.
  9. She sighed and said "He's my new neighbor..." Jessie said "What happened when you walked to school?" You said. "What do you mean?" She asked innoecntly.
  10. "We talked on the way to school what more do you want!" Selina said. You were about to say something when you hear a voice say "Hey selina here's the book you told me that you were into. You turned around and saw the new guy. He seemed emotionless. He gave Selina the book.
  11. "Hey do you want to sit with us?" Asked Jessie. "Sure if its okay." He said. Everyone nodded and he sat down. He had a sandwhich for lunch and Selina blushed for whatever reason.
  12. Hi thats the end of part three! I hope you enjoyed it!

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