Its all in the dress girl! Part 4

Hi! Hope you enjoy the quiz and have a fun time! So how are you going to do? Enjoy your life or don't? Its all up to you! Prom is almost here and you gotta choose!

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Created by: Wolfygirl

  1. Selina blushed when the new guy sat down at your table. "So your name is..." Jessie said. The guy looked at them and said "My name is Zach Gatroy." He said.
  2. "Nice to meet you. I'm Jessie Versicher, thats Elizabeth Maine. And I guess you already met Selina." Jessie said. Zach nodded. "Yes we have. I just found out today that she's my neighbor." He said.
  3. "So whats your next period?" you asked. "PE. How about any of yours?" He replyed. "I have music." You say. "I have art" Selina said. Jessie said "I guess its me and you against in the volley ball court." Jessie said. Zach nodded.
  4. You guys talked a little bit more and it was the end of lunch. You all left for your classes. You walked to music and practiced with your flute. Once you got to your free period you see Zach in the music room. He had a guitar in hand and was playing the rythm for good life. It sounded pretty good. You listened for a while. But the teacher scoled him for not play what was not in the sheet music. He played that but it just lost its touch because Ms. Loyder plays the worst music for any instrument. It makes the music classes sound like a beginning band and everyone doesn't know how to play.
  5. It was the end of the day and you walked to Selina's house. You talked and saw Zach across the street walk into him house. You say hello to Selina's mom and went to her room. She closed the door and said "So what do you think of him?"
  6. "He's cool." You say. She smiled and said "If I didn't have a boyfriend I would have been all over him. But I thought maybe you and him can go together...." You shook your head and said "Who would want to go out with a girl who has stitches?"
  7. Selina sighed and you said "Besides I think that he has a girlfriend." "Your choice girl" She said. You two just kept on talking anout your day and doing your homework. The sun started to set and you walked home and went to sleep.
  8. You wake up and get ready. You go to school early that day. You were wearing blue jeans with a white T-shirt that said "Live, Laugh and have fun"
  9. You see Taylor Henderson waiting outside for something. No one else is around. He sees you and walks to you. "Hey Liz.....I want to tell you something..." He said. "Yeah what is it?" You say to the most popular guy at school. He looks at you and says....
  10. "I like you Liz. A lot..." He said. You look at him and he kisses your lips. It was soft and warm. "Would you go to prom with me?" He asked. You smile and say "Sure"
  11. You do your normal day and Taylor comes to you and says "Wanna come over to my house?" You nod and he drives you to his house. You talk, have a good time and do homework. Then you leave with him kissing your lips.
  12. Hi thats the end of part 4! Hope you enjoyed!

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