Its all in the dress girl! part 5

Hi heres part 5 and I hope you like it! Have a fun time and enjoy! =)

Hope you like it and have a nice day/night! XP

Created by: Wolfygirl

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  1. After a while, word gets around that your dating Taylor and some other rumors are going around. You like Taylor and he seems to like. You, Jessie, Selina and Zach eat lunch together and talk a lot. Your enjoying your life. Its all so perfect. Three weeks before prom.
  2. Taylor invites you to a party at his house. You nod, wanting to come. You come and you have the time of your life. In the middle of prom you and Taylor hang out in his room. Selina is out of town and Jessie is home sick so they couldn't come. Your cast just got off and you have a scar where you where shot. You lay your head on Taylor's chest. It rises and it falls. You hear his heart beat. He strokes your head. The door was closed and everything seemed perfect.
  3. You then go to kissing and Taylor starts to take off your shirt. You stop him and ask "What are you doing?" He looks at you and says "Just go with it Liz....." He trys again but you push him away and say "I don't want to do this okay?" You say. You feel pressure rising in your chest. "Come on not even a little?" He pulls you and you kick him in the b---You get off and leave.
  4. You leave the room and one of Taylor's friends said "Hey Liz! Did you finally loose your v card?!" You grow angry and heart broken. "No I didn't! And I'll never loose it to a disguting guy like Taylor! Or any of you!" You leave the house with tears in your eyes. You felt scared and heart broken. "Thats all he wanted from me?" You think.
  5. It starts to rain and your about to call Jessie. Then you remember that she was sick. Selina was out of town. You looked at your phone and called Zach. You told him what happened and he said that he'll be there. You just needed to tell someone who can comfort you so you called him.
  6. Taylor came and said "Come on Liz don't be mad." He tried to hug you but you say "Get away from me." You move away from his touch. "Liz I'm sorry...." Then you heard a car. You looked in the distance and saw a 1967 chevorlet impala.(Yes it looks like the one from supernatural) It stops in front of you and you see Zach come out.
  7. "Liz are you okay?" He asked. You shook your head and he told you to get in the car. "So your leaving me for some guitar player? Guess the rumors are true...." He yelled. "Whatever you think then your jisgusting to think of that. You stupid a--hole." Zach snapped at him like a vipper.
  8. Zach got in the driver seat and drove off. Taylor started to curse him out as you two drove off. "You okay Liz?" he asked. "Now that I left that creeps house. Yeah I am." You say. He smiled and said "Thats good you. You wanna take you home?" He asked. You remembered what your parents said about you being home alone. "But it would be okay if Zach is with you. Right?" You think. You don't wanna risk it going home so you said "Can I just dry off at your house?" "Okay" he said.
  9. You drive into his drive way and he brings you some towels before you go inside. His house was nice and warm. It was quiet though. Like your big house. Zach made you a hot pocket.
  10. "Hot pocket!" He said in a high pitched voice. You laughed and said "I didn't know that you remember the ring to it!" He smiled and said "Please I can have a memorie of an elphant!" You took a bite of the warm hot pocket. (Aug! I make me hungry!)
  11. You dryed off and started walking around his house. You see his guuitar and say "Hey can you play a song for me?" You asked pointing at the guitar. "Sure if you want."
  12. He then picks up the guitar and holds it gently. Then then starts playing the base part for the song Everybody Loves me by One Republic.
  13. Hi thats the end of part 4! I hope you enjoyed!

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