Its all in the dress girl! Part 6

Hi! This is the last of Its all in the dress girl! Read Tough Romance sereies if you havn't yet! And lets see if your enjoying your life in this story shall we?

Hi! Hope you enjoy my series! This is the last one! So I hope you like it! Comment and rate if you like! It encourages me to make more! I hope that you liked this series!

Created by: Wolfygirl

  1. Zach played the base part of Everybody Loves Me by One Republic great. After a while you just started to sing to the lyrics to that song.
  2. "Well hell see's her shadow in my back, and her friends are standing right in front of me. World wide from the cimmeron to turkey, opening up saying everybody loves me! And you don't have to make a sound, cause they got what you need......" You sang and sang until the song was over. "Your a pretty good singer you know that?" Zach said. You blushed and said "No I don't" He nodded his head and said "Yeah you do. I played my guitar while a lot of people sang but you have a really good voice. Better then anyone I ever played with." He smiled.
  3. You smiled. You hanged out at his house for a while til it stopped raining. He then drove you home. You looked at him and asked "Since when did you drive a car? You always walked to and from school." He said "I fix this car up. I wanted it to be nice and polished and fixed up with a new good engine that this car disevers. When I was little a drunk drive crashed into this car. It was beaten up pretty bad. My dad for years tried to fix it. That day I was in that car and it pretty much saved my life. I then start to learn about cars and started to fix it up back to its old self again. If it wasn't for this car I would be dead." He explained. "Now your gona drive it to school and all that?" You asked.
  4. "Heck yeah! Listen to this babe purr!" He did a little push and you heard the loud rumble of a newly sound engine. It sounded nice. You almost fell asleep but Zach said "This is your place right?" You looked up and saw your house. You nodded and said by and closed the door and went inside of your house.
  5. You go to sleep and go to school the next day. The day before scared you. Selina was still out of town and Jessie was still sick. So in the time of their absence you spend time with Zack. You found out that you have a lot of things in common. You two like music, cartain tv shows like lost, and the list just goes on and on. You spend more time with him at his home doing homework then at your own house.
  6. One day its three days before prom. You have a new boyfriend and a new date to the prom. Your boyfriend is Jarrad. You hang out with him and Selina comes back with your dress. Its size is now perfect. You show Jarred. But he gives you the talk. Apperently he caught his eye on another girl. You leave him and cry in the arms of Selina. You now have no date for the prom and its two days away.
  7. You walk over to Zach's house the next day. Selina left off to buy herself a dress with Jessie. You walk to the opened garage and see Zach working on some car parts. He looked pretty hot working on his car. You walked to him he noticed you and said "Hi liz....what brings you here." You tell him what happened with Jarred. Then you realized that you started to cry. You don't know why but you just did.
  8. He brings you inside and gives you some water. He listens to what you say and it finally clicked in your head "This is the guy I need. Someone who listens and is there when my friends are not..." You calmed down after a while. "Hey you know what?" Zach said.
  9. "I think that al the guys you hang out with are pretty much jerks?" He said. "They sure are, but not you..." You say. He walks to you and and kisses you gently on the lips. It was warm and filled with love. He looked at you and you looked at him. You blushed and kissed him back.
  10. You made out on the couch for a while and he drove you back home. "Well guess I found my prom date." You thought. He kissed you good-bye and you just couldn't wait until tomarrow cause you knew that it was going to be magical.
  11. You went through the school day excited. At the end you, Jessie and Selina get ready for the big event of the senior year. Prom. You curl your hair and get dressed in your beautiful purple blue dress. The top was made for a size b this time. You thanked Selina. She was right. The extention was made to look like it was a design. It was beautiful on you. You had red lipstick on you and some powder on your cheeks to give you a little pink glow. You looked beautiful.
  12. Jessie had a short pink dress and some highheals. Here hair was striaghtened and she didn't need make up. She was beautiful. Selina had on a yellow dress that dropped down to her knee that had a feathery bottom. The top had a couple of plastic gems and she had her hair curled. It looked pretty on her.
  13. You go to the prom and have a good time. You hear the student concil talk about how the guitar player is not here. You look at them and say "I know a good guitar player." They ask you and you call over Zach. He was wearing a black suit with a bow around his neck. He looked so hot. Your heart beated rapidly when he came by.
  14. You explain the situation and the student conicl president said "Okay your gona play the electric guitar. We are going to do good life by one republic. You know it?" Zach nodded and said "I will do it on one condition. If you let Liz sing." You look at him and the scp(student concil president) nods and says "I don't care just do it!" He smiles and says "Come one Liz"
  15. You stand behind the curtins. Your heart thumps. "Ready Liz?" Zach asked. You nodded and the drums starts to play. You hear the guitar and people start claping to the rythm. The curtins open and Zach whistles and you start singing. Everyone in the band back ground sings with you. Then you hear Zach's normal guitar. He plays so good.
  16. You play the song and everyone cheers. Once your done. Then the next song started to play it was Marching on by one Republic. You hear the guitar and the drum. It all sounded good. Then you sang. After song after song people loved your singing. You looked at Zach and he mouthed "I told you". You smile and have a great time. Then you see a man in a suit in the back. He was writing notes. After you sang the prom was almost over. You walked to the man with Zack behind you.
  17. The guy see's you two and hands you each a slip with a number on it. A musical college. "I heard about the problem and was going to leave when I heard you two. You two do so well together. I'm Jack a musical agent. What do you two think about being stars?" Your eyes grow wide and you say "Yes! Zach what about you?" You looked at him and he smiled and said "Well guess we are going to be working together." You smile and dance with him across the dance floor. In the end you end the prom with one big kiss with Zack. And you see your entire future with him. Life is going to be good.
  18. Hi thats the end of this series! Comment if you want! I'm going to make another series. Check my profile for more quizes! My next one will be called "Midnight"! Have a nice day and happy first day of 2012!

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