Midnight part 6

Hi! I hope you like this one! I smiled this entire time when I wrote this! So I hope you smile when you read it! On question 10 play the song Good Life by one Republic. And just read and imagine everything with that song! It goes good with it!

Yes I love One Republic and I was listening to Good Life and smiled! It goes great on this part! I hope you enjoyed this series as much I enjoyed typing it!

Created by: Wolfygirl

  1. You open your eyes and your inside a white bed. You look around and see that your hand is bandaged. You look around and see that it's a normal room. Actually its your old room. The one before the camping trip.(Imagine your own room) You walk out of it and see your hallway. "Was it all a dream?" You think. You look and your hand and shook your head "No it wasn't." You walked down the hallway and saw your older brother. He was tall and was wearing his basketball jersey. He had brown hair and brown eyes. "Hey Amy! Your okay! Thank goodness! We missed you!" He hugged you. You looked and saw your mom and saw your dad in the kitchen eating. "Hi mom. Hi dad." You say walking over to them. Your mom was short and had short brown hair with brown eyes. Your dad was tall with brown hair and green eyes. "Amy your okay! That doctor said that you would be okay after what happened" Your dad said. "What do you mean?" You asked. "You went camping and a pack of wolves attacked you. You ran off in the woods with your boyfriend Drew and disappeared for months. We searched and search and we almost gave up but then we found you!" Your mom said. "Was there a guy with me mom? Like who was there?" You asked. "There were werewolves! Who knew that they actually exsisted. They shot sleep darts on them for some testing. But who cares about them! I'm just glad that your safe." Your mom said. She was going to hug you when you said "I care! Mom they protected me! They guarded me with their lives and now they are going to be tested like gunie pigs?" You say backing away.
  2. "Look sweetie its okay your safer home then you were with them." Your dad said "Now get ready for school." You did. You feel heart broken. You walked on the bus and went to your highschool. You went through your periods and sat with Brianna and Roger at lunch. "So how are you doing?" Asked Brianna. "I'm fine except for Jack....."You whisper.
  3. "Who's Jack?" Brianna asked. "One of the wolves....." You thought. You went through the rest of the day. You couldn't take it. You bump into Drew "Do you know where they took the pack to?" Drew nodded and said "Come on. I also know how to get in." You two get in his car and drive off. He takes you to this nice looking factory of some sort. You enter through the front for a tour. You listen to the guide and she talks about how this is where they find more out about new spiecies of animal by dysecting them and capturing them alive to learn about them. And maybe hopfully they can have them in zoos. Your on the excallator and see a big wolf. It was ashy brown with brown and black highlights. It was muscular and it was Jack. He had some type of needle in his neck and a breathy thingy covering his snout. "Ma'am what is that over there" You ask pointing at Jack. "We may have found a new spiecies of wolves. You see doctor Bill found it for a search for a girl and saw it's huge size and its amazing strength so he shot a dart at it and brought it out of here to observe it." The lady says. "Thats not an it ma'am. Thats a living creature and you can't just do that." You say.
  4. When the tour is almost over you and Drew sneak off to employies only area. He stole a card from someone and swiped it on the lock and entered with you following him. You walk around and see a door that said "Werewolf" You two entered and saw Jack lay there unmovingly. You look at the monitor and see that he's still alive. The door opens and you see a man in a lab coat. "Hey what do you guys think your doing?!" Then Drew grabbed on the bars in the air holding the camera and kicked him. He was knocked out. You pulled out the needle and the air mask. "Okay I guess we are going to carry him!" You say. "Dud have you every lifted these guys? They are like a ton! They are bigger then the normal size wolf. Its better to just move his little bed so he's comfortable." Drew said. You nodded and pulled open the door and pulled the rolling bed out. Drew was right Jack was heavy in his wolf form. You pulled the cart and heard a alarm go off. "Intruder alert! Intruder alert! Animal contaminatio! Animal contamination!" It rang over and over. You heard police officers. "Hey! There they are!" They start running to you. You pull and Drew push Jack away from them. You go in the elivator witch seems so weird at a time like this. You hear happy music playing.
  5. The doors open and you pull the rolling bed. You hide in a corner. You breathe hard "Man I guess you were right Drew." You say to him. "Maybe it wasn't your fault after all." You say. Drew smiled. You saw Jack move his ears. You and Drew look at each other and quickly you guys are shaking and saying his name. Doing everything to wake him up. You slap his snout a hundred times as he trys to wake up. "Come on you big teddy bear! Wake up!" Drew said. He doesn't move. "Great just great!" Drew said. "Its okay Drew." You say. Then you notice that Jack and the rolling bed is gone. You realize that your on the second floor. You look and see the bed rolling down the stairs. You and Drew look at each other. Then you run after him and the bed.
  6. The bed crashes into the bottom wall. Jack is still out and the bed is destoryed. "Dude he's sleeping like a dead dog!" Drew said as he gently kick him. He still didn't move. You hear the police officers. "Great he weighs a ton and the cart is broken!" You say. "Time for plan b." Said Drew. "Whats plan b?" You asked. "I was exspecting for him to be awake by now but they drugged him pretty good so.....try to wake him up." Drew said. "The perfect plan!" You say. You try waking him up again. Drew tried calling him names but he didn't respond. You shook him and slapped his snout over a million times. But he wouldn't just wake up. The police are almost with you and you say "Jack yes! Yes I'll marry you!" Then like that you saw him slowly open his eyes. "Yes yes! Come on Jack get up!" You say. Drew helped pulled him up. He wobbled for a second and shook his head. Like he just woke up with a hangover.
  7. The police say something in their walkie talkies and a couple of guys with darts comes in. They corner you and Jack looks at them and growls. The police stand back. He pretends to attack them and they run away scared. Jack barks at you to run. You follow him. Slowly but surely Jack gets out of the drugs and bursted through the windows. You ran in the parking lot. He stopped and said "Get on now" You do and so does Drew. "Jack I gotta tell you. Its akward sitting on your back like this so don't get any ideas." Drew said as he sat down toward's Jack's rear. Jack said sarcastically "Please don't make me laugh." Then he bolts through the streets. You hang on tight and past through cars and jumped down freeways and entered the forest.
  8. You then see the cabin and you see the rest of the pack. They run up to you saying that your back and that they missed you and thanks and all those nice greatings. They look at Drew. They grew quiet. Surprisenly Jack turned human and held out his hand "Thanks, I owe you big time." Drew nodded. "Your welcomed here any time." Jack said. Drew lightened up. "Really? Your not playing with me?" He said. "I don't play around. Except when Adam and Lusa need to a lesson on how to be good!" He looked at the two young kids. Adam laughed and Lusa giggled. You smiled. "Its good to have you back." Brad said. "One more thing, Drew I didn't trust you at first but after what you did for me and Amy. I want you to be my man of honor." Jack said. Drew said "You want me?" Drew said. He looked behind him as if he were talking to someone else. "Yes you? Are you deaf?" Jack smiled. Clare looked at him and said "But you-" She was confused. But he put his arm around her and said "Clare we went through a lot together. But I love you as my sister. The one who I'm getting married to is Amy." Clare brightened up and said "Congratulation!"
  9. Nada and Brad looked at each other confused. Jack pulled out the ring from Yesterday and put it on your finger. You smiled and hug him. "I love you Jack.." You say. "I love you." Brad is about to say something but Nada stopped him and gave him and "Look they are happy look. Lets forget about tradition and enjoy life." Brad smiled as if he agreed with her. Jero said "Well guess we gotta start planning!" He clasped his hands. Clare said "I know what to get for the flowers!" Little Lusa pulled on Jack's pants and said with her yellow eyes looking at him and said "Can I be the flower girl?" "Yes you can. Adam my man! Do you wanna be the ring holder?" Jack said to Adam. His purple eyes got wide and said "Yeah!" You smiled and you had a fun time listen to everyone. You liked your new life with them. Your glad that you went camping in the first place.
  10. Hi! This is Wolfygirl! Midnight series is over! I hope you liked it! My new series "Life has more meaning to it" will be out soon! I hope you liked Midnight!

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