Hogwarts love story part 4.3

K here is the next part, this is a very long book so it wilol have a couple other parts.... sorry about that.... anyway hope you enjoy this edition....

eye of newt, toe of frog wool of bat and tongue of dog Addler's fork annd blind-worm's sting lizard's leg and howlet's wing for a spell of powerful trouble like a heck-broth boil and bubble.

Created by: Ginger_Person

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  1. Welcome back, so in the last edition Cedric, Fleur and Viktor were selected as champions... Then Harry (who isn't old enough to enter the tournament) was chosen... Let's get to it shall we?
  2. The room is hushed, then Harry is making his way to the front of the room... then the crowd recovers from the shock and begin to rant angrily... "He's not old enough!", or "Attention hog!!!" and even "Wait, we can't have more than one champion..." the room is filled with angry buzzing... which basically means that Harry is no longer all that popular... Well that changes everything... Oh dear... When the room calms down, everyone begins to empty. When your on your way out you run directly into Draco. "Well, Hello there." He smiles slyly. "Hi, Draco. You manage a smile. "You know there are other ways of getting my attention than running into me." "I'll keep that in mind, now if you don't mind." You try to pass him, but he apparently isn't done talking to you yet. "What did you think about Potter, and his little show?"
  3. "I don't need to explain my feelings to you Draco." "Hey, I was just asking, I haven't talk you in a long while so I thought I'd talk to you now!" "Fine, you talked to me, can I go now?" "No, not yet. I want to talk to you in private." He nods to one of the halls that lead of the main hall. He grabs your hand and heads that way. What are you thinking as he leads you away from the crowd bustling towards their common rooms?
  4. When you and Draco stop in an abandoned corridor, he turns to you, "What are you doing talking to those other boys?" What is your answer?
  5. If you answered: "Nothing, they are my friends." Read this but if you didn't just click "Didn't chose." "That's good. Because otherwise I would have felt awkward about doing this." He pushes you up against the wall and kisses you. So you push him away?
  6. if you selected "Well, I like _________ but the rest of them are just my friends read this but if you didn't click "Didn't chose." "Well, then he's the luckiest god damned guy in this whole place." He states and leaves.
  7. Whichever situation you chose Draco left before you could say anything more... You stand in the corridor for a lond while, then you realize that it must be near after hours... You run to your common room, up to your bed and you flop down. You stare at the ceiling thinking about...
  8. After a blissfully dreamless sleep you get up the next morning... As you are heading down to breakfast someone comes up behind you... You turn and see Fred (or George, whichever you prefer) "Oh, hey! What's up?" "You wanna go pranking?" He smiles at you. "Now?" "No, we don't have time now, but after classes we have plenty of time." "Ummm, sure." "Great, meet me in the great hall after class." "Wait, is this a date?" You blurt before you can stop yourself. What do you want him to say?
  9. "I was thinking it could be, if you want." He smiles, slightly unsure of himself. "Yeah, that would be great." He seems very releaved that you accepted his offer. "Great, see you in the great hall after classes." "ok" You continue on to the great hall for breakfast. Just before you step through the doors something grabs you. Who do you want it to be?
  10. you turn to see who grabbed you, but there isn't anyone there... weird. You feel yourself being pulled towards the hall where you talked (or kissed) with Draco. When you reach the exact same spot where Draco dragged you to, whoever was dragging you takes of his cloak of invisibility. It's Harry!!!!! What do you say?
  11. "Do you hate me too?" He says, staring at his shoes. This was the last thing you were expecting, what is your answer?
  12. "no, I don't hate you. Wait, why?" You ask. "Everyone thinks I'm trying to steal the spotlight away from Cedric, but I didn't ask for this!" "Hey, it'll be ok." "Even Ron is mad at me, because he thinks I put my name in the goblet, but I didn't." He stares at you, daring you to answer. "He'll come around." "I wish, anyway, are you ok?" You are suprised by his sudden change of subject but you answer anyway, what are you thinking?
  13. "Ok, I guess..." "Well, that's good. I'll see you around." "Ok." He disappears again, and you can hear his footsteps walking away down the hall. "Weird..." You think to yourself. You quickly eat breakfast because talking to Fred/George and Harry has made you late. The day passes in a blur. The entire school is talking about the triwizard tournament, Harry and what the first task is going to be, there have been multiple rumours circulating the school including everything from blast-ended skwerts to singing to a dragon. After classes you head back upstairs to drop off your bag and then you head down to the great hall. On your way there you bump directly into Ron. "Hey, what's up?" He asks, flashing you a quick smile. "I'm going down to the great hall." You say trying to sound casual. "Are you in a hurry? because I'd like to talk to you." "I have a few minutes, what's up?" "Nothing much, I just wanted to talk to you, I haven't seen you in a long time." What do you want to do?
  14. You talk to Ron for a few more minutes then you start to worry that you are going to be late for your date with Fred/George. When you get to the great hall Fred/George is nowhere to be seen. Then someone comes up behind you, you think it's Fred/George but when you turn it's really...

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