Summer Camp Love Story/1

This is my first series so go easy on me. i promise they will get better as you go. stay tuned for part two which will come out soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

* means your thinking so ya and the rest of this is random doo da doo da i love you u love me i love cheese and pickles. i hate you jk yeps enoy the story!

Created by: starscreamer

  1. you still couldn't believe you were being sent off to summer camp. It was the most horrible mistake your parents could ever make! you would be gone the whole summer except maybe 3 weeks. you were on the bus going to the camp. Everyone around you were singing camp songs from when they were here before. It felt as if you were the only person who didn't belong. you turned on your Ipod and looked out the window. you could only imagine crappy cabins, a gross, littered lake, and nasty food. It made your stomach churn. you really wished that your friends were accompanying you on this dreaded trip.
  2. The bus stopped at the next town to pick up another group of kids. They looked like a whole bunch of preps. *Great,* you thought. you turned up the music so you wouldn't have to listen to their high pitched voices. You were suddenly tapped on the shoulder and you jumped in surprise. you turned to see a guy with gorgeous blue eyes and brown flippy hair. you took out your ear buds to hear what he had to say. "Hi! Do you mind if I sit with you?" he asked sweetly. "Sure," you said trying not to stammer. You slid over and he sat down. "So is this your first time?" he asked. "Yeah." You answered. "My name is Brian," he said. "Oh," you say. "Mine is Sam." "Short for Samantha?" he asks. You nodded quietly. He smiled and then started to listen to his ipod. You decided to continue looking out the window. (by the way his name is Justin in the results cause i changed it at the last minute and it wont let me change it to Brian. so deal with it!)
  3. After about an hour the bus suddenly stopped. "Well, we're here!" Brian said smiling. You smiled back wondering what why he was so happy to be here. You couldn't see anything but trees. You get off the bus and walk to the bus that had your stuff. You grab your sleeping bag and suitcase and start walking on the path. For some reason your suitcase seemed even heavier than when you first put it on the bus. "Let me help you with that," you hear a voice say. You turned around to see a guy with brown hair and kind gray eyes. He picked up your suitcase. "Thanks." You said. "No problem," he says cheerfully. "I haven't seen you around here before. You must be new." "Yeah" you say. "My name is Brandon." He says as he flips his hair. "Mines Sam," you say.
  4. "Let me show you around," he says and walks down the path. You hurry after him and stare at awe when you get to the camp. It was beautiful! The lake sparkled in the sun and the cabins were huge! "Let's see what cabin you're in first." Brandon says. You walk to a bulletin board and he scans the list for your name. "You're in cabin 1." He says finally. "That's right by mine." He says smiling. You smile back as he takes your bag to cabin 1 and knocks on the door. The counselor opens the door. "Hey, Amanda!" Brandon says. "I brought you the new girl." He says cheerfully. "Thanks!" she says. "Go head to your cabin. We're going to go eat soon." He nods sadly and walks to his cabin.
  5. Amanda turns to you. "So what's your name?" "Sam" She looks at her clip board and checks off your name. "Come on in!" she says. You walk in and notice that the inside isn't half that bad. "You set your things down by a bed and take a look around. You realize one thing is missing. "Umm, where's the bathroom?" you ask. Amanda laughs. She takes you to the door. "You take that path and it will lead you right to it." She says pointing. "You might want to go take a look around real quick so you have an idea of the area. Try to be back in about five minutes." You walk down the path. You're not watching where you're going and you bump into someone. You fall and look up. Looming over you is a tall guy with dirty blond hair and light green eyes. "I'm sorry." He says shyly. He holds out a hand to help you up. You take it and get you back up on your feet. "No, it's my fault. I wasn't watching where I was going." You explain. He blushes slightly. "I'm Sam and you are...?" "Skyler," he replies. "I've got to go now. It was nice meeting you. Bye." He walks quickly and quietly away.
  6. *That was strange* you think. You continue walking and you find the bathroom. Thankfully it didn't smell and wasn't a complete dump. You start to walk back but feel someone's eyes staring into your back. You turn around and see a guy leaning against a tree with brown eyes covered by jet black hair. He looks away from your gaze as if he never even knew you were there. You slowly turn back around and could feel his stare stab you in the back again. You figured it had been about 5 minutes so you jog back to your cabin.
  7. Your cabin mates are just leaving to go eat. "There you are, Sam." Amanda says. "We're heading to the cafeteria." You groan. Even though the camp seemed nice, your friends had warned you about the food. They had all been to different camps and they said no matter how bad or how nice the camp was, they ALWAYS served you the nastiest food. You reluctantly follow your counselor making yourself sick with your thoughts of the food every step of the way.
  8. You sit at a table all by yourself. You stare at your food. It actually looked edible. You took a bite and it actually wasn't half bad. "How's your first day going," a voice says startling you. You look up into Brian's blue eyes. "It's okay," you answer. He sits down by you. "It will get better," he reassures. A girl sat across from Brian. "Hey, why aren't you sitting at our table?" she asks. "Oh hey, Taylor. This is Sam she's new here. I was just giving her some company." "How....nice," she says. When Brian looks away, Taylor gives you a hostile stare. Things at camp just got interesting.
  10. Part 2 will b coming out soon!

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