Camp Confidential Quiz

Think you know Camp Confidential? Are you sure you do? If you think you know everything there is to know, I have the quiz for you! To see if you know Camp Confidential, start!

Who's Tori's boyfriend? What's Alyssa's gift? Where is Grace from? Who's Natalie's father? Do you know? Rise up to the challenge by taking the ultimate Camp Confidential quiz!

Created by: Zoey
  1. Who is Natalie's father?
  2. What are the names of their first counselor and CIT?
  3. Who is Jenna's twin brother?
  4. What is Grace's problem?
  5. What disease does Alex have?
  6. What is Chelsea's problem?
  7. What was Alex's cabin 3C table theme?
  8. What do they give Chelsea?
  9. Aside from Natalie, who is Camp Lakeview's hollywood grl?
  10. Who does Sarah wish wasn't at camp?
  11. Who does Jordan like?
  12. Who does Priya like?
  13. Who does Tori invite to her ski cabin?
  14. Who does Adam invite to the fair?
  15. What's the name of the character in Tori's "true scary story"?
  16. Who does Gaby say is her brother?
  17. What does Jenna win for Color War?
  18. What is Tori's idea for the art competition?
  19. What does Alyssa name her amethyst?
  20. Who does Gaby have a crush on?
  21. What makes Mandy believe in magic?
  22. What's Alyssa's idea to say good bye to camp?

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