Timberlake Trivia Quiz 2

Okay Timberlake men, this is the second quiz to test your knowledge of the camp you love. There are questions about counselors, tribes, cabins, activities, places on camp, evening activities, and more!

Are YOU a Timberlake genius? Do you have the brainpower and memory to qualify for that prestigious title? Take this quiz to find out! Give it a whirl, it will be fun!

Created by: reformed of Camp Timberlake
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  1. What was Dan's first job at Timberlake?
  2. The bugle that rings in the morning is called...
  3. There are two bugles that rings in the evening. They are...
  4. The two newest camp activities are Mountain Biking and Paintball.
  5. The big fish in the lake are called...
  6. Canoeing, kayaking, climbing, and backpacking are the only activities that frequently take out of camp trips.
  7. Bobby Boyd's wife is...
  8. What is the color of Bobby's truck?
  9. There is currently construction happening on which camp facility?
  10. The name of the lake is...
  11. Spencer's Green is named after...
  12. How many tennis courts are there?
  13. The newest complete addition/renovation to camp is...
  14. Where is the coldest water fountain in camp (or maybe the world)?
  15. What tribe is Will Long in?
  16. These two counselors got their Little Chiefs together as campers.
  17. Before Alex Deckard was the CIT Director, he was the director of what activity?
  18. How many golf carts are there?
  19. The first winner of the first Timberlake Trivia Quiz was...

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