The yes/no trivia quiz

Is this quiz fun,free and easy? Yes. Is it boring? No. This yes no trivia quiz is bound to get you thinking. Do you know as much as you think you do, or are you trivia-clue-less? I hope you enjoy it!

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Created by: Sandr
  1. Was the first song sung in Space 'Happy Birthday'?
  2. Was America the first country to use postcards?
  3. Was chewing gum the first product to use a bar code?
  4. Was bingo first played in 1880?
  5. Is a new born kangaroo small enough to fit in a cup?
  6. Were screwdrivers first used to help knights put on armour?
  7. Do goldfish suffer from motion sickness?
  8. Was Garath Gates dad a milkman?
  9. Do any words in the English language rhyme with month?
  10. Does a mouse have more bones than a human?
  11. Does a rabbit take about 18 naps a day?
  12. Do dogs have 2 appendix?
  13. Do female canaries have a better singing voice than male canaries?

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