Taylor Swift Trivia

There are many people who know there stuff. You know just people who know what there is to know about her. Who's that her i'm reffering to you must be wondering. That he in reffereing to is Taylor Swift, to test your might, take the easy, or hard trivia to see if you know what there is to know about taylor swift, if you don't score good...ehh...thats okay, just take the trivia already!!!!

cheese milk chicken sorry about that unessasary food list lol well anyway lets go. take the trivia to find out what you know about taylor swift, if you don't know much about her, or don't know her at all then don't take this quiz, because you will be waisting your time, and I dont wanna get sued..

Created by: AppleJaxx
  1. Where was Taylor Swift born?
  2. How many siblings does she have?
  3. How many albums does she have?
  4. Who broke up with her and how long was the break up on the phone?
  5. How much money did Swift donate to Red Cross?
  6. What are one of the of the sentances in the song "You Belong With Me" By Taylor Swift?
  7. At what age did she start writing songs?
  8. When was Swift born?
  9. How old waws Taylor before her birthday in 2009?
  10. True or False: Her album "Fearless" got more than 1 million sales
  11. True of False: Swift is Catholic

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