Test Your Knowledge!-Taylor Swift

Hey Hey!I've got a few viewers!YAYY!*Laugh Out Loud!*Okay.Enough with that.Are you a taylor swift genuis?Or do you think you are?Take my quiz to find out!.Silence.PLEASE?

Do you realy think you could get a 85%-100% in ym quiz?BRING-IT-ON!!Try to beat my genuises!Are you smart enough?Or shall you fail me and your kingdom?*Giggles*Come on over!Take my quiz!PLEASE!

Created by: Kara

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  1. "Just a boy in a chevy truck"
  2. What month was Taylor Swift born?
  3. "If you come around saying sorry to me my daddy's gonna show you how sorry you'll be"
  4. Which one of these song titles aren't Taylor Swift's?
  5. Who Is Taylor Swift?
  6. "Oh,cause it's not his price to pay"
  7. What color is Taylor Swifts' eyes?
  8. What did Taylor Swift tell Glamour Magazine about dating?
  9. What color guitar does Taylor Swift use during the song,A Place In This World?
  10. What are Taylor Swifts' songs usualy about?

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Quiz topic: Test my Knowledge!-Taylor Swift