how muchdo you know about taylor lautner

The reason I made this quiz is because i love taylor lautner he is so hott. He is the best boy you could ever meet. He is so nice and he is rely cool I mean he is the coolest person you could ever meet. Me and him have alot in common.If you know what I mean

do you think you know alot about taylor lautner do you think you a taylor lautner genius number one fan like me do you think you have what it takes to pass this quiz do you think your an alsome genius at quizes about taylor lautner do you have th power to beat this quiz i bet you do so lets get going and see if you do have enough power to beat this quiz

Created by: SparklyScarlett of taylor girl
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  1. when was taylor born
  2. how old is taylor lautner
  3. is taylor a virgen
  4. what school does taylor go to
  5. what is taylors favriot color
  6. what does taylor look for in a girl
  7. what is taylor lautners favriot music
  8. what sports does taylor play
  9. what is taylors shoe size
  10. what is taylors religon
  11. what is taylors favriot shoe
  12. what kind of martial arts does taylor do
  13. is taylor part native american
  14. what is taylors little sisters name
  15. how old is taylors sister younger older or is he a twin
  16. how old is taylors little sister
  17. what is taylors parients names
  18. how many years apart are taylor and his little sister
  19. what movie did taylor ever play in and loved the best
  20. what is taylors favriot day of the week
  21. what is taylors favriot number

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Quiz topic: How muchdo I know about taylor lautner