How well do you know Taylor?

Are YOU a truly LOYAL fan of Taylor's? Do YOU have what it takes to be a member of the SOUL PATROL!! You may rank as a discrase to the Soul Patrol, or you may be one of the biggest contibuters!You'll be surprised what your getting yourself into. Only a TRUE Taylor lover will score highly.

Take a few minutes and find out all the things you thought you know but you really didn't.I hope you have fun with this and are not too surprised with the results! GOOD LUCK!

Created by: Mrs. Taylor Hicks of Soul Patrol
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  1. How many times was Taylor in the Bottom 3 (or 2) on American Idol?
  2. Taylor's Memoir is ghost writen by:
  3. Taylor sang in the Staduim of Fire, benifiting the troops. Where did it take place?
  4. Why does Taylor where the black elastic around his wrist?
  5. Where was Taylor born?
  6. What TIME was Taylor born?
  7. Taylor was in New Orleans at a wedding when he had to leave as Hurricane Katrina was afoot. How much did he pay to get out of there by taxi?
  8. If Taylor was at a party, What would he most likley do for fun?
  9. What's Taylor's favorite Resturaunt?
  10. Was this quiz hard?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Taylor?