a Taylor swift quiz

There are many who say they are true Taylor Swift fans but vary few are true fans after all she it the best most Nicest person ever and her songs are absolutely amazing

How well do you know Taylor Swift? So you call yourself a Taylor Swift fan do ya? Do you know all the words to "Tim McGraw"? Test your Taylor Swift knowledge and see whether you've got what it takes to Stay Beautiful or will you have teardrops on your guitar?

Created by: sarah
  1. At what age did Taylor first pick up a guitar?
  2. What is one thing Taylor considers a must-have on her tour bus?
  3. What was Taylor's debut single?
  4. Which artist does Taylor consider one of her biggest musical influences?
  5. Taylor secured her place in country music history in 2007. What did she do?
  6. What is Taylor's favorite thing about being out on the road?
  7. What profession would Taylor pursue if she wasn't a country star?
  8. What reason did Taylor give for why she always wears cowboy boots?
  9. What is Taylor's favorite ice cream flavor?
  10. What did Taylor admit to GAC host Nan Kelley on the ACM orange carpet?

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