How much do you know about Taylor Swift?

There are sooooooooo many Taylor Swift fans out there who think they know everything about her.But unfortunately,most of them do not. So that means that of all the Taylor Swift fans,only one may know everything.

What about you? Do you know everything about Taylor Swift?You will never find out unless you take this quiz.You are about to find out just How much you know about Taylor Swift.

Created by: Leah of Taylor Swift Club
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  1. When was Taylor Swift born?
  2. What was the name of Taylor's first song?
  3. What is Taylor's favorite color?
  4. Is Taylor a.........
  5. Taylor Swift runs her own line of...
  6. Taylor Swift has how many Music Videos?
  7. Where does Taylor have a Tattoo?
  8. The tattoo on Taylor's Foot?What is it?
  9. Is Taylor's Tattoo real?
  10. What is Taylor's middle name?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Taylor Swift?