The hardest Taylor Swift quiz ever!

How much do you know Taylor Swift? Do you know her Like I do? Take this quiz and find out in a few clicks you will! So I hope you get higher than 69& tell me in my comments!

How much do you know Taylor Swift? Do you know every detail about her? Until know you could only wonder! Take this awsome quiz to find out. If you get high(in score) tell me in the comments!

Created by: Marcy ;)
  1. What is her FAVORTIE color?
  2. What`s her maiden(middle) name?
  3. What month was Taylor born in?
  4. What was the first song she ever wrote?
  5. What color is her hair?
  6. What kind of hair style does she have?
  7. Is she a sneacker girl or a sandle(flipflop) girl or a boot girl?
  8. What number day was she born on?
  9. What is her cloths style?
  10. What day was she born on?

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