The Hardest Taylor Swift Quiz Ever!!!!!

ARE YOU A TRUE SWIFTIE?????!¿?!!!!!! Take the quiz to find out! Its really really hard!!! But if you're a true Swiftie, you wont have a problem. Taylor Swift will love you no matter what!!!!

Taylor will love you if take the quiz! Its probably one of the hardest Taylor quizes ever. For example: What did Taylor trip on in basketball that broke her arm? is a question. Think you can handle it?

Created by: swift13

  1. What sports did Taylor play?
  2. WHAT DID Taylor trip on when she broke her arm in basketball?
  3. What drink does Taylor always have in her fridge?
  4. Whats one type of car Taylor has?
  5. What tattoo did Taylor have on her foot? (Don't worry it was henna)
  6. What is her favorite nail polish Color?
  7. What is Taylor's 13 on her arm made of? (Usually, not the exact same every night)
  8. Is Taylor swift Ticklish?
  9. Taylor met Abigail in what class
  10. Taylor fav food
  11. Taylor's guilty pleasure is
  12. The job she wanted first was
  13. Taylor's first song
  14. Taylor was born on a:
  15. Taylors favorite show is what
  16. How long was the 1 paragraph report hand elementary school?
  17. Taylor's new kitten is named after what
  18. Taylor spent her first night in her new house doing what
  19. Her brothers name is
  20. Who was Taylor named after
  21. Taylor's weakness is

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