The Hardest Taylor Swift Quiz Ever!

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People can be one of four things when it comes to a celeberty. You can be a fan, a groupie, obsessed, or a stalker. This quiz was made for everybody who falls under one of those positions with Taylor Swift.

So, which are you? Well based on your percentile you can figure it out.0%-25%=fan! 26%-50%=groupie! 51%-75%=obsessed! And 76%-100%=stalker. Good luck!

Created by: Tiff13
  1. Who ruined Taylor's acceptance speech at the MTV VMA's?
  2. What color nail polish does Taylor love?
  3. On what album did Taylor single-handedly write all the songs?
  4. Who is Taylor's favorite disney princess?
  5. Which one of these does Taylor NOT love to shop at?
  6. Which of these hairstyles has Taylor not rocked...yet?
  7. Who is Taylor's make-up artist?
  8. At what hotel did she stay at when she got her 1st record deal?
  9. Who did Taylor Swift NOT date?
  10. La, la, la, la, la, la this is my musical monologue
  11. Who designed the silhouette on the back of Taylor's tourbus?
  12. Taylor designed her own line of guitars?
  13. During what song in a concert does it rain on stage?
  14. What singer has not found their place on Taylor's Ipod?
  15. During her 1st US photo shoot, Taylor towered over Hilary Duff and Lauren Conrad. What was the way they fixed it?
  16. During her 1st US photo shoot what did Taylor want for lunch?
  17. What song was NOT on Taylor's 1st demo cd?
  18. How many horses did Taylor grow up with?
  19. What day was Taylor born on?
  20. How many car accidents has Taylor been in?

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