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Our Taylor Swift quizzes, created by fans for fans!

Our Taylor Swift Quizzes

  • Taylor Swift Lyric Quiz #2
    [by: DracoMalfoyFan, rated: rated: 3.43/5, published: Nov 25, 2016]

    Hello dear quiz takers. I finally got around to making this quiz! I know, I'm so lazy. :] This one is centered around her latest album. Go check it out!

  • Taylor Swift Test
    [by: jimmy, rated: rated: 3.2/5, published: Jan 20, 2011]

    Taylor Swift is an Amazing person who sings and writes awesome songs that sound really good. You may think you know her, but do you really know her???

  • How well do you know Taylor Swift?
    [by: Sienna Ramage, rated: rated: 3.1/5, published: Jan 16, 2011]

    In 2006, she released her debut single "Tim McGraw". She then released her self-titled debut album, which was subsequently certified multi-platinum by the…

  • Taylor Swift: How Well Do You Know Taylor Swift?
    [by: Nicole Elizabeth Road, rated: rated: 2.94/5, published: Jun 22, 2009]

    There are many people who are geniuses when it comes to Taylor Swift. Some people think they know everything about Taylor Swift. But this quiz will show if…

  • Taylor Swift Know-It-All
    [by: Jojo10, rated: rated: 2.9/5, published: Jan 18, 2011]

    To be a true Taylor Swift Know-It-All, is to be awesome. However, it is not easy. If I shouted out "Get me with those green eyes baby", could you tell me…

  • How well do you know Taylor Swift songs? (all albums)
    [by: Rainbow51743, rated: rated: 2.67/5, published: Nov 7, 2015]

    Swifties, unite with me! What's a Swifty, exactly? It's pretty much a person who, like me, is addicted to Taylor Swift. It's basically Taylor's version of…

  • Taylor Swift Obsession
    [by: Tiff13, rated: rated: 2.56/5, published: Jun 5, 2010]

    Alot of people in this world have obbsessions. Do you have a Taylor Swift obbsession? Take this quiz to find out. It only takes like 2.5 minutes and it's easy.

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