Taylor Swift Lyric Quiz #2

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Hello dear quiz takers. I finally got around to making this quiz! I know, I'm so lazy. :] This one is centered around her latest album. Go check it out!

No cheating or cussing in my comments please. I hope you like this quiz. I made it to level up to Experienced. I'll make more soon! Enjoy the quiz my darlings!

Created by: DracoMalfoyFan
  1. Take your ------ hearts put them in a drawer
  2. Cherry -----, crystal skies, I could show you ------- things.
  3. Fade into ---- oh, its been awhile since i have even ----- from you.
  4. The rest of the ----- was black and white.
  5. people like you always want back the ---- you gave away.
  6. I stay out to ----, got nothing in my -----.
  7. I wish you would ---- back.
  8. Did you have to do -----.
  9. In your ------ dreams ahahaahhh
  10. And now you say I want you for ----- or for better.
  11. high tide ----- and brought you in.
  12. See the ----- circling above us.
  13. The ----- was the very worst. ahaaha

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